Drexel University College of Medicine's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer People and Allies in Medicine

Not only was our SafeZone training well attended at ~20 students, we also learned that we have RUN OUT of white coat pins! We had 100 and they disappeared in a month! Rock on DUCOM students for showing your support for your LGBTQ peers, colleagues and patients!

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Here are some cool new things in the LGBT world:

1. New study demonstrates poorer health in same-sex partners than married straight couples of the same socioeconomic status, same health as non-married straight couples. Drexel access to article.

2. LGBT Cancer Network creates a database of LGBT-friendly cancer treatment facilities.
3. Upcoming webinar on renal considerations of HIV-infected patientsClick for more info and to register.


LGBT Ally Pins are in!

Why wear the pin?
The pin is a clear way of saying to your patients, “You can talk to me about anything, because I will give you the same care no matter who you are.” Though it is less than an inch in size, this tiny gesture will make a huge impact for your LGBT patients. Thank you all for your support.

What is an LGBT ally?
An LGBT ally is a person who does not identify as LGBTQ(etc) but who works to end oppression and marginalization of LGBT people. Allies in health advocate for and support LGBT people in many ways, from asking gender-inclusive sexual histories (“Men, women, both or other?”) to standing up to their superiors (e.g. attendings) who make homophobic comments, or attending (or hosting!) LGBT events. Allies support and honor sexual and gender diversity, and challenge biased beliefs, remarks and behaviors in others and in themselves.

Also, mark your calendars for our upcoming SafeZone training, March 28th from 5-7pm in SAC A – learn how to be the best LGBT ally you can be. We will have great discussions and great food. RSVP

Trans 101 Tomorrow Night!

Seminar: Transgender 101: A Guide for Future Providers

When: Tuesday, February 19 from 5:30-7:00pm
Location: AUD B

Margarita Litvak, MSIV (Moderator)
Anthony Rodriguez, MD (Assoc. Dean for Student Affairs & Diversity, DUCOM)
Rachel Prellwitz, Transgender Patient and Advocate 

Objective: To provide future providers a comprehensive introduction to issues facing a transgender patient population and a guide to how to make their office environments welcome to all patients. The panel will provide both a patient’s and provider’s perspective and will provide for an interactive question and answer session with students.

This is our new thing. General Awareness-Building Initiatives (GABIs) are programs designed to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues for the general DUCOM community. We are starting out with two little ones: LGBTQ concept-of-the-week emails, and getting rainbow caduceus (“Ally”) white coat pins to give out to students.


Prepping for Sandy

DUCOM will be closed Monday and Tuesday for Hurricane Sandy. Hope everyone is prepared, be safe!


New Happenings at Drexel!

Following our extremely successful Coming Out Panel on October 11th, DUCOM LGBTQPAM is working into some great things for the school!

First, Drexel is very excited to improve the inclusivity and cultural competence in our M.D. program. That means getting LGBTQ awareness into the curriculum from individual classes to the curriculum as a whole. This may be a long process, but it has been slowly gaining momentum. This is going to be an exciting year for LGBTQ health at DUCOM!

We are still in the process of figuring out how a possible LGBT Health Scholars Program could integrate with the evolving curriculum.

We also had a great time meeting LGBTQ health leaders from Temple, Penn, PCOM, Thomas Jefferson and UMDNJ-SOM.

At the downtown campus, FUSE is getting ready to open the new LGBT center! More info as that comes draws nearer.

Finally, the School of Public Health has opened their Program for LGBT Health! This is a great opportunity for all Drexel and non-Drexel students to get in touch with LGBT health.